A passion for delicious fruit

That is what Fruitpartners Blom has. For years we have been active in the international fruit trade from the heart of the Betuwe region in Deil. Our main products, apples, pears, strawberries and cherries, are exclusively produced by Global GAP-certified growers.

Fruitpartners Blom B.V.

Fruitpartners Blom has up-to-date facilities, like sustainable cooling facilities, eight dockboards and a modern office space. Use of our own vehicles and logistics partners allows us to offer customers a complete package. ‘Reliability in quality and supply is the most important thing for us. Thanks to a permanent team of committed employees, our customers can always rely on this,’ explains Aart Blom.

Import and export throughout Europe

Thanks to our extensive network of partners and suppliers, we can supply fruit throughout Europe all year long. Apart from offering our range of products, we can also comply with specific wishes of the customer. Would you like apples or pears in bags, trays or boxes? Fruitpartners Blom supplies fruit in all kinds of packaging materials, with your own label if required. Our Planning department is aware of each customer’s specific wishes and carries them out flexibly and expertly. Our employees are always aware of the current status of your order thanks to the use of vehicles with a GPS system.