Traceable from the soil to the customer

Fruitpartners Blom provides a transparent chain: from growing and storing to sorting, inspection and the customer. Traceability is important both for the customer and for the grower; knowing where his product goes will give the grower a sense of satisfaction. We make sure that samples from all the fruit are analysed. And every batch we sort has a batch number that is linked to the grower. This allows us to trace the origins of the fruit at any time.

Quality and certification

The fruit farm and all the growers of Fruitpartners Blom are Global GAP-certified.

Fruitpartners Blom is certified for the certificate:

  • On the way to Planet Proof
  • IFS International Food Standard
  • IFS Broker

Fruitpartners Blom has its own highly experienced expert who carefully inspects all incoming and outgoing goods.