Fruitpartners Blom B.V.

After completing his secondary vocational fruit cultivation training, Aart Blom started growing apples and pears at his father’s company over 30 years ago. In those years, his father also bought cherry trees. That is where his passion for cherries stems from, says Aart Blom.

Aart was brought up on fruit growing, but he found his true challenge in sales. At that time the fruit was sold at weekly markets, and later on to fruit specialists and independent supermarkets.

After about 10 years, Aart started exporting to Germany. This did not remain limited to his own fruit; colleagues soon started asking him to sell their fruit as well.

The company continued to grow and in 2008 Aart moved to a bigger premises in Deil. In that period Fruitpartners Blom started direct deliveries to Dutch retail businesses.

To serve the Dutch retail sector, major investments were made in bag and tray machines, and in weighing and packaging lines.

The focus for the next couple of years is firmly on deepening and broadening the range. A new heat-sealing machine was recently purchased to package strawberries, cherries, blueberries and raspberries. This machine can also be used to supply SkirtAll snack packs.