Privacy policy of Fruitpartners Blom

Fruitpartners Blom has a strict privacy policy. We take your privacy very seriously and handle your personal data with care. We process your personal data for the services we provide. Personal data are processed in accordance with the legal provisions prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We would like to provide more information on this in a privacy declaration. The following privacy declaration explains how we handle the data from prospects, customers and partners.

Personal Data Protection

All (personal) data collected by telephone, through application forms on the website and by other means are voluntarily obtained and stored in a contact management system.

Data use

The collected data are used to contact our prospects, customers and partners:

  • about key developments in the field of fruit cultivation and sorting
  • about new products and services of Fruitpartners Blom
  • for market research

Telecommunications Act

Fruitpartners Blom complies with the Telecommunications Act in the Netherlands. Fruitpartners Blom hereby confirms that it handles personal data correctly in electronic communication, communication by telephone and by post, as well as for the acquisition of new prospects and customers. More information about the Telecommunications Act can be found at

Data storage

The collected data are stored in Fruitpartners Blom’s own contact management system. This system is secured. The data are never made available to any third party by any means whatsoever. They will not be loaned, rented out or sold, nor will they be made public by any other means.

Website & Cookies

We want people who visit the website of Fruitpartners Blom to think it is a clear and high-quality website. That is why we collect information, for example, about which browser visitors use, click behaviour, the times at which the website is visited and how often the website is visited. This information cannot be traced back to a certain person.
When you visit our website, we can automatically store information on your computer in the form of a cookie. A cookie is a very small file that is stored on your computer. Cookies cannot damage your computer or the files stored on your computer. The use of cookies allows us to automatically recognise you the next time you visit the website. Cookies help us to tailor the content of the Fruitpartners Blom website to your wishes. By visiting our website, you accept cookies and they will remain on your computer, unless you delete them. You can also disable cookies through your browser. Deleting cookies or disallowing cookies can limit the use of the website and services of Fruitpartners Blom. Additionally, we also use cookies for various social media functions, like sharing through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information about the use of our website and cookies, please refer to our privacy declaration.


All content communicated by Fruitpartners Blom is drawn up with care. This applies to the website, e-mailings and any other communications.
Fruitpartners Blom is not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage due to the use (or display) of the information obtained on this website. We cannot guarantee the fact that all the information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. All communication material produced by Fruitpartners Blom is protected by copyright. It is intended only for the addressee or the visitor to the website. No part may be reproduced or copied in any way whatsoever, or made public by any other means.
The logo of Fruitpartners Blom is protected by copyright and may not be used or copied without permission. This logo may not be used elsewhere without written permission.
This also applies to any photographs, adverts and other communication material on this website. If you wish to use any of these, please contact Fruitpartners Blom.


Certain links on this website may lead to information sources provided and maintained by third parties. Fruitpartners Blom has no control over these. Fruitpartners Blom is not responsible and therefore does not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents or information obtained through these other sources. Connecting to other sites is at the user’s own expense and risk; users are required to use these sites in accordance with the conditions to which the use is subject.


If you have any questions or comments about this disclaimer, please contact us using the details below.
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Changes to this disclaimer

Fruitpartners Blom reserves the right to modify this disclaimer. We will implement the changes on this page. This page was last changed on 1 March 2019.